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When things don’t quite go to plan, our dispute resolution team is well placed to work with you to deal effectively and efficiently with a wide range of commercial disputes.

Business life can’t always be plain sailing, and if a commercial dispute arises we know that you will want a straight-talking legal adviser by your side who can provide clear, practical advice and guidance as to the next course of action.

At GBH Law, our commercial dispute resolution team has a wealth of experience advising clients on commercial disputes, including partnership and shareholder disputes, directors’ disqualification, confidential information and other intellectual property claims, professional negligence, warranty claims, construction claims and breach of commercial contracts.

Although winning a courtroom battle may give rise to a great deal of satisfaction and financial profit, in some cases, it may be more beneficial to avoid court proceedings altogether. The circumstances of each case are different and we believe the ideal dispute resolution lawyer is as good a tactician as a legal practitioner. Our dispute resolution lawyers combine an understanding of the real world with practical legal advice, working with our clients and keeping their objectives in the forefront of our minds at all times.

Easy access to the Royal Courts of Justice in London from our offices in Godalming means that we are able to issue claims and applications for injunctions quickly. We have built up solid relationships with leading Counsels’ chambers and with their clerks so that we can access the very best advice and representation for our clients.

Our recent significant cases and matters include:

  • Advising one half of a joint venture developer in relation to a dispute concerning a building project where the other half was refusing to cooperate in relation to the sale of the development (value £1m)
  • Advising a shareholder in relation to breach of a collateral promise concerning the valuation to be placed on shares on a sale (value £1.2m)
  • Advising a manufacturer and supplier of fittings for commercial offices in relation to an alleged breach of contract relating to the quality of goods supplied (£250,000 value).
  • Advising an independent school in relation of the rights of neighbouring property owners to walk dogs on their land, and the right to fence of their fields where previously access had been unrestricted for time immemorial.
  • Advising an occupier of business premises on a commercial property development in relation to rights of way asserted by a neighbour, and threatened injunctions.
  • Advising Transformers & Rectifiers Limited in its claim against Needs Limited concerning the Sale of Goods Act in relation to nitrile rubber gaskets (value £1m) (reported at Transformers & Rectifiers Ltd v Needs Limited [2015] EWHC 269 (TCC) (Successful argument that buyer’s terms and conditions of business had not been incorporated into a contract of supply) and Transformers & Rectifiers Ltd v Needs Limited [2015] EWHC 1687 (TCC) (Successful argument that one judge was able to summarily assess costs incurred before another judge at a previous hearing).

The commercial disputes that we deal with are not all large claims. We are equally at home dealing with smaller claims and have also advised a small landowner in relation to the presence of Japanese knotweed in a property recently sold, and a wedding venue on the rights of a couple to a refund of deposit where the couple cancelled their wedding.