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We are acknowledged experts in the independent school sector, and we are well known for our work as an adviser to both senior and preparatory independent schools.

We have extensive experience advising independent schools across the country and are well versed in dealing with all the issues that schools encounter on a daily basis.

We have excellent connections with other professional advisers who work in the sector as well as organisations such as ISBA, IAPS, ISC and the Boarding Schools Association.  This keeps our finger on the educational pulse, as does our frequent attendance at conferences and seminars.

We also regularly provide training sessions to school governors, senior management teams and teachers on topics such as trustee duties and responsibilities, public benefit issues, legal liability and performance management concerns.

You are unlikely to present us with a scenario we haven’t encountered before. Our approach is practical, and we like to see ourselves as part of your team.  We don’t just advise you and then leave you to your own devices; we compose letters, draft scripts for difficult meetings or, if you prefer, attend them with you, and talk you through procedures to ensure that the right outcome is achieved.