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GBH Law Advises on Sale of Trichord Limited to Perigon GmbH

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the sale of Trichord Limited to Perigon GmbH, a subsidiary of the Sihl Group.

The transaction marks a significant milestone for both companies and the industry. GBH Law played a pivotal role in facilitating the transaction, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for all parties involved.

Trichord Limited has a rich history of technological innovation and has established a reputation for itself as a prominent player in the technology sector. The acquisition by Perigon, a global leader in cutting-edge technology solutions, sets the stage for exciting opportunities and accelerated growth for both companies.

Director Kate Doody and Associate Solicitor Chloe Wallington, both corporate lawyers at GBH Law, provided their extensive expertise in mergers and acquisitions on the deal to ensure that the transaction proceeded seamlessly. They navigated complex legalities to safeguard the interests of the shareholders of Trichord Limited throughout the process.

Peter Herring, a former director of Trichord Limited and selling shareholder, expressed his gratitude towards GBH Law, stating, “This acquisition marks a new chapter in Trichord’s journey, and we are immensely grateful to GBH Law for their exceptional guidance and support throughout the transaction. Kate and Chloe’s expertise and dedication were instrumental in achieving this successful outcome. We are confident that the partnership with Perigon will unlock immense value and drive innovation in the technology sector.”

Peter Wahsner, CEO of the Sihl Group stated: ‘It allows us to offer our customers everything from a single source, with every part sourced and manufactured in-house. The acquisition of Trichord is the foundation for the global expansion of our strategic Industrial Customisation division. It positions Perigon as an attractive implementation partner for industrial surface decoration, for example for brands from the glass bottle industry.’

The acquisition of Trichord Limited by Perigon highlights the dynamic nature of the technology industry. GBH Law is proud to have played a role in this acquisition, which will undoubtedly lead to exciting new developments for the merged business.