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GBH Law - luxury interior lighting - Glamox Luxonic case study

GBH Law helps Glamox Luxonic navigate the challenges of a changing employment landscape

Our employment lawyer Andrea Tishler provides support lighting manufacturer, Glamox Luxonic, on employment-related issues.

Glamox is a Norwegian industrial group that develops, manufactures, and distributes professional lighting solutions for the global market. Their mission is to provide sustainable lighting solutions that improve the performance and well-being of people. In the UK, Glamox has 110 employees, with over 2,500 employees globally, and around 50 offices worldwide.

GBH Law provides support to Glamox Luxonic on employment-related issues. Sam Webb is responsible for handling all employment-related issues at Glamox Luxonic, she works with Andrea who provides legal advice on a range of employment scenarios, such as grievances, disciplinary procedures, settlement agreements, redundancies and restructures.

Andrea’s expertise has been very valuable to Glamox Luxonic. For example, she provided guidance on how to handle a recent grievance, including the investigation process and response letters. She also provided advice on new contracts of employment, which can be challenging and difficult to navigate. Andrea is always upfront with Glamox Luxonic, providing practical advice based on her experience with other clients, and she always ensures that the company’s legal obligations are met while also considering the best interests of the business.

The relationship between Glamox Luxonic and GBH Law is strong and productive, with Andrea being very easy to work with and responding quickly to any enquiries. If Andrea is unavailable, one of her colleagues is always available to assist.

One of the biggest challenges Glamox Luxonic has faced in recent years is the shift towards remote work, which has had a significant impact on recruitment and employee expectations. The job market has become highly competitive, and some employees are now expecting hybrid work arrangements, which can be difficult for a company with numerous locations across the UK and the world. Glamox Luxonic has had to balance these demands with the business’s need to have the right coverage in the right place and time and to ensure that the company has the right leadership and office space to facilitate this.

GBH Law provides Glamox Luxonic with the guidance it needs to make informed decisions in these challenging times. The company can always count on Andrea and her team to provide honest, practical legal advice that considers both the company’s legal obligations and the best interests of the business. Based on the positive experience with GBH Law, Glamox Luxonic would highly recommend its services to others.

Over the years, GBH Law has continued to provide support and practical guidance to Glamox Luxonic.

Sam Webb says: “GBH Law has provided valuable support to Glamox Luxonic in a number of key areas, and the company highly recommends the legal firm’s services. Whether it is advice on employment issues, navigating complex legal scenarios, or addressing the challenges brought about by the pandemic, GBH Law has been there to provide the support and guidance that Glamox Luxonic needs to succeed.”

Find out more about how GBH Law can help your firm navigate complex employment issues here. Alternatively, call our employment specialist Andrea Tishler, on 01483 421234 or email her here.